No birthday party is complete without a planned, or impromptu, dance party!

Being a singer and songwriter myself, music is an integral part of our family’s life. It’s always playing in our house, and often times I break out into impromptu dance. Though my twins are still too young to even crawl, they have a blast watching me look silly. It’s really one of my favorite parts of the day with my girls.

Maybe you’ve shied away from having a dance party because it’s really difficult to find clean, fun, dance music that is suitable for kids and that won’t violate your convictions. I love finding kids music that is both produced well, and is in line with my Christian beliefs.

So whether you’re looking for epic songs for your child’s birthday party, or you want to have your own dance party for a family night, here are fun, positive songs that will be sure to get little feet, and your feet, moving.

The songs with the * next to them can be streamed for free using Amazon Music with your Amazon Prime membership. If you click on the link, you can listen to the song right away.

  1. Time To Get Started– Amber Sky Records
  2. Gettup Outya Seat-Amber Sky Records
  3. Dance Like Nobody’s Watchin‘-Amber Sky Records
  4. Alive– Amber Sky Records *
  5. Every Reason To Dance-Amber Sky Records *
  6. For Your Glory– Elevation Church Kids
  7. Flabbergasted– Doug Horley
  8. Jesus Loves Me (dance mix) -Listener Kids
  9. Mighty God- Listener Kids
  10. Wired- Orange Kids Music, Casey Darnell *

If you’re looking for more songs, I have a FREE Spotify playlist for you with over 30 fun dance songs! That’s more than 2 hours! And the playlist is always growing.

If you would like an everyday super fun playlist full of Christian kids song, you can find out more about my free Spotify playlist, “Jammin with Jesus”, here.

I know you will have a blast with your loved ones as you share some good quality dance time. Warming: you may be exhausted after all the dancing, but nevertheless, let the dance battles begin!

D.J. Twin Mama Out,


Which songs did you enjoy most? Do you have any other suggestions, that I can add to the playlist?