Hospital Bag Checklist

It’s been a while, but I’m slowly emerging from the depths of twin infant world. Sleep training has been a game changer (that’ll be a blog for another day) and I have more energy to start blogging again. Here’s my labor and delivery story, but before a birth story, you need to get to the hospital (hopefully).  I can’t tell you how much I stressed over what to bring. I asked everyone and searched through every Pinterest checklist. Only to end up using about 5 % of the three bags…yes three… bags that I brought.

Now, if you consider yourself to be high maintenance, this may not be the best list for you. I’d say that this checklist is for the type of gal who prefers to sleep in at the hotel rather than take advantage of the breakfast buffet (or get there with 10 minutes to spare). The kind of lady that doesn’t mind spending a lazy weekend in pjs, sans a bath, once in a while, and yet when traveling tends to overpack! That’s the kind of gal I am. And I packed wayyyyy too much in my hospital bag. So I’m here to help you not make the same mistake.

Lastly, I did not have a scheduled or emergency c-section so I can’t speak to what you will need for one. However, this list can still help.


For Mom
  • Slippers (to go back and forth from the bathroom, and also back and forth to the NICU if needed. Also, make them a size bigger than your normal shoe size, because your feet swell up even more right after giving birth!)
  • Chapstick
  • Flip flops (for the shower. I didn’t get to take one, but I thought it’d be great to have flip flops if I did)
  • Toiletries
  • Nursing bra (only if you’re going to attempt nursing, of course. At the same time, everything is exposed for all to see pretty much all the time, so if you want, you can get by without one, but you might want to have one for when you go home.)
  • Going home outfit for you (make sure it’s comfy. I had a soft jersey long maxi dress and it was perfect. I probably would’ve used a short one during my stay if I changed out of my hospital gown.)
  • Scrunchy aka scrunggi for the hair (I had my hair in an attractive 80s side pony the whole time)
  • Comfy and warm throw blanket (we were able to regulate our room temperature, but that’s not always the case.)
  • Small travel pillow to put in the small of your back.
  • Your boppy or twinz boppy. (You can ask someone to bring it later or leave it in your trunk.)
  • Robe (I didn’t think of bringing this, but would definitely have made use of it as I walked around in my hospital gown.)
  • Eye mask (You will want to sleep whenever you have a few minutes to. This will come in handy)
For Dad
  • Sweatpants
  • Hoodie
  • Change of clothes
  • Socks
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Comfy pillow and blanket ( If he’s staying over, he’ll probably sleep on a chair or a discombobulated combination of two chairs, so at least a comfy pillow would be nice)
For Baby/Babies:
  • Going home outfit
  • Maybe another outfit to change baby/babies into if you’d like.(If you have the energy)
  • Socks
  • Mittens
  • Car Seats (Someone can bring them later, or you can leave them in the trunk)
  • Bluetooth speaker ( If you want music playing during labor)
  • Cell phone charger (Preferably a long cord. You don’t know where the outlet is)
  • Cell phone
  • Insurance card and I.D.
  • Any ambiance for labor (Battery operated candles, pictures, quotes, etc…)
  • Birth plan (which is more like a preference)
  • Snacks (our hospital was located near many restaurants so my husband picked me up things from there, but if we were more isolated it would’ve been great to have yummy snacks to munch on.)
  • Bag of snacks for nurses/docs (this kind gesture can go a long way. You want all the nurses on your side)
  • Empty bag (to bring home baby stuff and vagina healing stuff. Take it ALL…and then some.)
  • Don’t forget to ask about baby foot and hand prints!

And believe it or not… that’s it.

Don’t Really Need:

Items for the hohaa

Don’t bring anything for your downstairs part. The hospital will have EVERYTHING you need. Underwear, huge pads, spray, cream, sitz bath, etc… but DO have padsicles ready for when you get home. Don’t know what those are? Get a sanitary napkin, open it up, put witch hazel and aloe vera on it, then close it back up and put it in the freezer. Someone can make them for you while you’re in the hospital, or you can make them before you go in.

Several outfits

I swore I was going to have a wardrobe change every day. That did NOT happen. I was in so much pain after, was so exhausted from labor and delivery, and so focused on figuring out how to nurse my two baby girls that all I did was stay in my hospital gown… all three days. I mean, I changed hospital gowns but it was still a hospital gown. Like I mentioned before, If I had a knee length tank top jersey dress, I might have changed into that. I didn’t use any of my fashionable outfits or nursing tops.


Every mom to be is different, so you might be thinking “Will I need anything else?”. Another great resource for preparation is this post from my friends over at Mom Smart Not Hard. It’s for singletons, but there might be items on the list that you feel will be useful for you. It also includes really helpful things to have ready at home when you arrive with the twinnies!

Overall, you want to bring as little as possible, because when you leave you have the most precious cargo ever. A car seat… or two… to carry.

Is there something you’re thinking of bringing that wasn’t on the list? Or if you already gave birth once before, was there anything that was a must have for you that’s not on this list? Go ahead and share!

Twin Mama Out,