Earlier in the day you’re feeling the sand between your toes and then walking up to the pool to take a fresh dip in the water. Then later on that day, you’re in the Labor & Delivery unit hearing a woman cry bloody murder as she delivers a baby… ahh.. such is life.

My husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on June 12th! We had a beautiful weekend in Ocean City, Maryland. Our hotel was gorgeous and the beach attached to it was even more beautiful. On top of the beach, there was a beautiful pool, that I was able to lounge at and REST.

The week before was an extremely taxing one emotionally and physically with work and meetings after work practically every single night. I was so looking forward to us getting away and hearing the soothing sound of the beach waves.

My cousin, Raquel, and I have this joke that we call “of course” luck. Now I don’t believe in “luck”. I believe there’s a God who ordains and allows things, but the funniest and most unusual things happen to us… like for example, we’re the only two in our large friend group who ended up with twins. Or another example would be a beach umbrella flying at me while my husband and I ate lunch out in Ocean City.

True story. We found this nice outdoor spot, sat down under the shade of the umbrella and were enjoying our shrimp and lobster rolls when all of a sudden an enormous gust of wind blew both of the umbrellas around us. One of them nearly missed my husbands head and came flying straight at me. Good thing I still have my ninja skills and was able to catch it before it smacked me in the face…lol. But it was definitely scary and that quick ninja action made me pull something on the left side of my body. Really, I know there was an angel (possibly with ninja skills) that deflected the umbrellas and protected my husband and I.

We got through that little fiasco, and after I was done crying from the shock of it all, we walked on the boardwalk and got a delicious funnel cake (that of course was blowing white powder all over me and anything that walked by me). But I wasn’t drinking too much water all weekend, because sometimes you just get caught up in the moment of it all.

Needless to say, I believe all of those factors combined had my stomach cramping the next day. The cramping got worse and worse as the day went on. By the time we got back home, the cramping was pretty consistent and I felt something wasn’t right, so that night we went to the E.R.

I’ve always heard, growing up, that once you’re out of the 1st trimester everything is good. But that’s not true. You’re on your toes and need to be mindful for your entire pregnancy, because anything can happen.

Well, when I got to the E.R. they wheeled me up to Labor & Delivery. To make an already long story, shorter, they concluded that I was having pre-term contractions. The doctor said it was due to dehydration. I agree, but I think the stress of the week before and that beach umbrella incident added to the cramping as well.

Thank God the girls looked fine, and so did my cervix. Basically, that’s the wall holding in the babies so they don’t come out. My husband and I were there for about 5 hours. I was drinking lots of water, and they gave me a pill to stop the contractions. I needed to rest for a couple of days, and the cramping got better. (As I type this now, I’ve been monitoring some cramping again, but it’s not anything like how they were a few weeks back. Say a prayer for me, y’all).

While we were there, we got a real taste of what labor and delivery will look and sound like. One lady was screaming “Somebody help me, PLEASE somebody help me!!”… as if she had just gotten shot! Another lady was laboring in the waiting room. She was on the phone and when she had a contraction she grabbed the wall like the HULK and we thought she was going to rip it apart! Needless to say, the hubs and I signed up for child birthing classes the very next day, because we realized how CLUELESS we were… lol.

Life is so interesting in that just a few hours before I was in the ER, I was sitting poolside, relaxing, reading a book, and then bam! I’m hooked up to machines monitoring my babies’ heart rates and my contractions. That’s the fickleness of it, ya know? If my security was wrapped up in life’s up and downs, I’d be a hot mess. But with me at the pool, at the beach umbrella incident, and at the ER was Jesus. He was with us through it all. He never left, He had our backs, He was the constant. He’s the one I’m anchoring my hope and security in. Because He’s the One that’s there through the storm and through the sunny day.

I know that with our girls we will have storms, and we will have sunny days. I pray that I’m reminded of His unwavering peace. I’m learning. Learning to trust Him more and more as every week passes by. And I pray that our girls learn to trust Him the same way too.

Was there a day when you had an ER scare? 

Twin Mama Out,