Like A Stone

That’s what my stomach feels like. Like a big, heavy stone. They say enjoy your sleep now while you can, but I’ve gotta say I’m not really enjoying it that much at all. Lol.

Oh how I miss you, stomach sleeping. Those who are not pregnant, don’t ever take stomach sleeping for granted. Not ever. 

Sleeping on the sides can be such a challenge, even with a pregnancy pillow. Once my left side gets sore, I’ve gotta roll this stone over to my right side, and that only lasts for a few minutes because I’m thinking “Are the babies getting enough oxygen and blood flow?” So I roll the stone, very slowly and groggily, back over to the left side and the cycle continues. Each night. 

The stone is also weighing down on my body. Right now, my girls are about 1.5lb each. Yes. Each. So that’s 3 lbs. Usually at 6 months single babies are only 1.5lbs. And my body is definitely feeling the weight. 

I use a stepping stool to climb into bed, and it takes different stages to get out of bed. I have to consciously say out loud “1,2,3 go!” And then begin stage 1.

One of the coolest things about this new stage, though, is feeling them move all around. I’m pretty sure some days they play tag or they might be fighting, hopefully they’re playing tag. 

It’s pretty cool to look down at my stomach and see little pokes and prods coming out of it like fingers in playdough.

I’ll be 6 1/2 months on Monday. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. Sooner than later our two little princesses will be joining us in this world. 

I pray that “like a stone” they grow up anchored in the truth of God’s word, in what He says about them, and what He says about navigating this land. 

Twin momma out,



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