5 things carrying twins

1. Old Wives Tales

Old Wives Tales are total rubbish. If it happens that one of them was right, that’s just a coincidence. From how high you carry, to where your Linea Negra stops, to what you crave, to how active the babies are in utero… all of it is pure nonsense. Well, at least when it comes to twins. You’ll know when the tech tells you if they see something between the baby’s legs or not. And even then they can be wrong!

2. Exercise

It’s good to work out when you’re pregnant. Granted you might not have the gusto to do it most days, but it really genuinely is one of the best things you can do. Like a podcast I once heard said “You’re training for one of the greatest events in your life, labor & delivery”. It’s beneficial both for the baby and the mama if you get cardio and weights in. I mean it’s definitely not the time to push yourself, or up the weights, but listen to your body and do what it allows you to.

3. Identical or Fraternal

My girls have a 20% chance of being identical! Right now they look very much fraternal since they are in different amniotic sacs and have different placentas, but there’s a slim chance the egg could have split early on. It’s an exciting thing to look forward to when I think about labor and delivery (which horrifies me btw). Will they be mirror reflections of each other, or will they look like other siblings born on different days?

4. The Exciting/Stressful Visits

I’m a lot more sensitive about asking expecting parents what they are “hoping” for. I’ve always thought that the cliche answer was “That they are healthy”, but I get it now.  I really truly get it now. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it can also be stressful. Each doctor appointment I have mixed emotions of excitement because I get to see my girls, but then some trepidation creeps in because I don’t know if the tech or doctor will find an anomaly. Each time I leave the office with a good report, it’s another weight off. I’ve often heard it said that once your out of the 1st trimester you’re in the clear. Well, not really. Your just out of the first danger zone, but then again the love and concern of a parent for a child will last a lifetime. Something can always come up, but wow what faith being a parent creates. What dependency and absolute trust in God develops. It’s a whole new level.

5. God’s Love

This brings me to a revelation about God that I had about a week ago. I am so in love with these two humans growing inside my body, and I don’t even know them! I mean I know Baby A has been the more docile of the two (probably taking after her father), and Baby B has been the little somersault, wild child one (I’m not sure who she takes after. Definitely not her feisty mama =/ ) but I don’t KNOW them. I’ve never had a conversation with them, and they’re not “doing” anything for me. If anything, they are wrecking my body right now in little subtle ways, and still I love and adore them. It’s such a clear picture of God’s love for His children. Often times we strive to please God to gain his approval, or if we mess up, we think He loves us less. But God loves His children simply because we are His. The way that I love my girls, simply because they are my girls. We don’t have to run on a performance treadmill to gain His love. My girls aren’t buying me gifts, or helping with chores, or getting good grades. They are doing nothing to make me love them. I just do. We also don’t have to cower in shame when we fail. My girls are the cause of my sleepless nights, my aching right pelvic bone, my 22 lbs of weight gain already, but still I love them. I just do. Once we become His child, there is nothing that can separate us from His love…nothing. My girls are teaching me that in a whole new way.

I don’t know, maybe you need to hear that today. I know I needed to.

What are some things that you have learned or noticed since becoming pregnant with your twins?

Twin mama out,