Twins are a phenomenon to the world. If you’re expecting twins or multiples, be prepared to answer the same questions over…and over…and over again.

I’ve got to admit, before we found out we were having twins, I was twins ignorant! It’s like those things you see from afar and admire, but think “Welp, that’ll never happen to me”. Ahh, how humorous God is.

So I’d like to add a bit more knowledge in the world to those who are twins clueless. I say a “bit” more because that’s really ALL I know so far…a bit. But hopefully we’ll get a PHD in twinology over the years. So after the awkward “double trouble” comment and you respond back with “You mean double blessing”, be prepared to hear these 5 questions.

1. Do twins run in your family?

No. Twins do not run in my family. So, when the twin bomb dropped, I hit the books (internet) looking for an explanation. This is what I found.

  • Identical twins can happen to anyone…yes anyone…yes that means it can happen to you. There is nothing genetic about it. What it is, is one egg splitting early on in conception to create two tiny little angels in your belly.
  • Fraternal twins (what we think we have…more on this in the next question) are genetic (sort of) OR hormonal. The trait of hyperovulation is only passed down from the mother to the daughter, sorry dads. But, like I mentioned earlier, there are no twins on my mom’s side. So mine are most likely hormonal. Apparently, women in their early 30’s can release two eggs during ovulation, and if both get fertilized…walaa!

2. Are your twins identical or fraternal?

There is a high percentage that they are fraternal because they are Di/Di. They have separate amniotic sacs (their own rooms) and separate placentas (their own source of nutrients). However, if we find out that they are the same sex, then we will have to wait until delivery to see if they are fraternal or if they are actually identical and the egg split very early on in conception. Hmm.. the plot thickens…

3. Do you know the genders yet?

Not yet. We’ll find out early May and I’ll be sure to share =)

4. Will you need two of everything?

Well, the major stuff, like car seats, cribs, or anything that they lay in. Also, we’ll definitely need double the diapers, wipes, and bottles. I only know from hearsay, but babies use about 8-10 diapers a day. So for us that will be 20 a day…140 a week….yikes….But they can pretty much share the rest of the stuff. One might like a bouncer better than the swing and vice versa. Also there are pretty cool twin gadgets that make twinning a bit easier. A double stroller. A double pillow for feeding. Lots of cool stuff. (I eventually settled on these items for my twin registry)

5.  And last but not least… When are they due?

Technically our babies are due in September, but twins never carry to full term (40 weeks). Twins can be born between 32 and 37 weeks. Usually the most the bake for is 37 weeks and few days, and doctors usually don’t let them go past 38 weeks. So they can come anytime between the last week of July to the first week of September. Currently I’m 17 weeks. I’m hoping and praying that they come at 34 weeks at least, though by then my belly will be so big you probably won’t be able to recognize me!

Twin mommas get lots of ultrasounds because twins are always considered high risk pregnancies.Right now I’m seeing the doctor every 2 weeks. The third trimester can be pretty touch and go, with doctor appointments every.single.week, but the upside to that is we get to see them every.single.week .

What are some questions that people have asked you about having twins? I’d love to hear them!

Twin Momma Out,