“Oh my God!”


“How did this happen?”

“I’m so excited!”

“How are we going to do this?!”


These were just some of the thoughts going through my head as I was sitting on the OB table hands over my mouth trying not to hyperventilate and doing a bit of crying and a bit of laughing at the same time.

My husband and I seriously thought the OB was playing a joke on us, but with one look at the sonogram, it was unmistakeable. Baby a…Baby b.

It still feels like an out of body experience. It still feels like a joke. I go through various emotions throughout the day.

Joy. Worry. Fear. Excitement.

They come at different moments and in varying degrees.

When initially found out I was pregnant, I felt such a weight come over me. Not a weight of “Oh no, a baby.” A weight of responsibility. The weight of carrying another life inside my body. Of being responsible for making sure this little life was healthy. You can only imagine how this weight doubled, literally, after finding out that we would be having twins!

I had to run a few errands right after the appointment and I felt as if I was walking around dazed and confused in some alternate universe with an alternate Bethsaida waiting on line to pick up prenatal vitamins.

But then, other times, I feel a wave of hope and excitement  wash over me and I can’t stop smiling thinking about how blessed my husband and I are to get to meet these two bundles of joy in September (or August). How our family will grow so quickly. How we’ll get to choose two awesome names.  How we get to raise two world changers. How we will get to love two little lambs.

I’m still in the early stages and praying every day that they both develop healthy and strong. Already they are the most important things in my life, next to God and my hubby. My priority is making sure that they get the care and nutrients that they need. True to what I’ve heard being a  mom is like, I already don’t always get it right every day, but I hear this is part of the job. I also hear it’s the greatest job in the world.

I’m choosing to have faith that I will have two healthy babies and will continue to trust God to lead my hubby and I through this wild and beautiful journey.

Fellow twin mommy, I salute you.


How did you react when the twin bomb was dropped on you? I’d love to hear your story!

Twin Mama Out,